Matsuyama Seiryo High School
1112 Kumanodai
Matsuyama 791-8016

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Our school's distinguishing feature is to provide the opportunity and the encouragement  for students to develop their potential, to strengthen their individuality, and to nurture their dreams and to support in making those dreams come true.

The ultimate goal of our education is not only to improve students' academic skills but also to teach them to face any of life's challenges with their responsibility, a spirit of independence and originality through many kinds of activities and experiences at Matsuyama Seiryo High School.

Our mission is to prepare students to assume a responsible, competent and sensible role in a global society. To that end we provide many kinds of education to meet various circumstances. We will give them motivations to achieve their maximum potential through their school life.

Principal: Mr. Shouji Watanabe

The number of staff: 88
The number of students: 763

The school had been a boys high school since the inauguration in 1960. The door to girls was recently opened in 2008 and the school is co-education now.

Standard Studies Course

Advanced Studies Course

Information Technology Course

Automotive Engineering Course

Mechanical Engineering Course

Architecture Engineering Course

Club Activities

School Precepts:




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